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wisconsin state

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my back

December 03 2005

wow last night my back was killing me, like it has been for prolly 3 weeks, and i mean it hurt to lay down, roll over, move in general, my hips and knees started hurting because of it too, anyways it was bad. then i was praying and i was like ow ow ow ow, so i stopped praying and i was like god if this is satan trying to distract me from praying to you take it away, and just like that it went away, no joke what so ever, it was amazing, and i rolled over to see if it was really better and it was, and i havent felt anything since, i even ran some without pain, so anyways that is a big praise and it was amazing how it happened, hope you all enjoyed my story,



December 03 2005
thats awesome

John Weber

December 03 2005
yeah it really is crazy


December 03 2005
pretty cool


December 03 2005
haha i just read the remark you left on your last post. your plump rump's goin down