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wisconsin state

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christian, um rock?, bout anything

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the bible, woo hoo, haha

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my weekend

November 19 2005

well im starting to do good on this thing, i hope everybodys impressed, cough kevin, chelsea, natalie! haha but last night chelsea came with me to a vball game, u of ls, it was pretty cool, theyre are some hosses on that team, but lets just say id be scared if they were hitting that ball at me, anyways then we had dinner at texas roadhouse and it was pretty good i ate all my ny strip, and most of my salad and chelsea didnt eat any of her chicken and not much salad, haha, jp, but then we went home and watched a movie, it was 2 hours so we took her home at like 12 30, haha woops, it was alotta fun though, and then i got home at 1, and i was already really tired from earlier this week, but this weekend i get to practice some piano with her, then go to her house to meet the family, haha that should be interesting, anyways i gotta go blow the leaves, ill cyall later


John Weber

November 19 2005
it will b fun, not interesting, SILLY!


November 19 2005
thas wat i thot u meant to say, haha


November 24 2005
whoa john all these posts, your doin good. actually your updating your more than i am. and i like the wisconsin state 1926. nice