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November 16 2005

today was good at school, i guess, umm well.. ya so anyways, im like amazingly tired today, i went to bed a 4 in the morning on sunday working on a stupid world civ binder (see:procastinator), and then i got 2 horus of sleep, went to school, did a memoir 1st period, then asked my teacher if i could go to the bathroom and took a video camera out so i filmed stuff and talked about it in french, i did that in the car too, so i turned my memoir in 2nd period, movie in 3rd period, and binder in 4th then i went on the bus and slept, but then tuesday and now today were even worse, anyways enough of that and o ya, i forgot to tell everyone, chelsea made the mava volleyball team (16s!), i was so proud of her, shes actually really good, i thought if you were good at sports you hada be ugly, but thats obviously not the case, and i can't wait until this sunday, i get to meet her family, haha, neways, gotsta go get my tree fed (andy schimilaschmakis), cya



November 16 2005
im really tired today too!! yay for chelsea!!


November 18 2005
thanx baby