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im back...

November 15 2005

hey everyone, sorry i havn't written anything for a while, but i dono, i guess i just forgot, but ya, so i really still dont have much to say but ya, uh school is school, not so great, chelsea is amazing, i love her so much! uhh... DNow, i can write about that, well it was pretty awesome, even though i was only there for like two days, or actually just one, because i had this percussion thing i went to, (which was also pretty cool, i got a lot of cheap stuff) and from wat i heard from everyone else, friday and saturday were awesome at DNow, my grade went and mulched this place around plants and it felt pretty cool to just help somebody out.  Well i guess thas pretty much it, i'll write more later, really i will, cya



November 15 2005
hey baby, im glad youre back, finally! yeah dnow was awsum, i wish u were ther tho, neways thanks for saying im amazing, haha, and i thought you went to a competition or somethin for percussion, neways o howd you kno we mulched? did i tell u, neways i love you, ~chels

John Weber

November 16 2005