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i am a harry potter loser

southern girls rock and roll camp show

August 04 2005
The show is on Saturday, doors open at 7:00 and it starts at 8:00, and it's 5 dolla each. And our band is playing freaking FIRST. so if you come, you can't be late, or you've missed it hahaha. oh yea, and it's at tucker theatre. and just remember they're begginner bands... so they'll prolly suck. BYE!

Mary Lauren

August 05 2005
OH MAN I AM GONNA TOTALLY BE THERE!!! i am so excited you are gonna play in it! i did it a couple years ago. i hope you had fun!

Mary Lauren

August 06 2005
JACKIE YOU DID SOOOO AWESOME IN THE SHOW!!!! i am so proud of you!