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i am a harry potter loser


December 03 2005

ok, so this is the first time in FOREVER that phusebox has let me on here without getting kicked off. so let us celebrate, with an entry.

things are pretty cool, Charlie Brown gets better and better for me every rehersal, and we only have 2 rehersals left till opening! so everyone better come and see us, it will be "unique" as a spectator observed today hahha. pretty sure in mine and andreas first scene, i run after her, and we completely wiped out. it was pretty amazing, except the stage burns, but yea lol.

i still haven't seen rent yet, and i'm mad because i fell asleep and missed rachels invite. grrrrr.

i'm really hating school for the most part.

i want to be Anita

i won't be Anita        lol

chamber choir sleepover was alot of fun, wish i had taken pictures.. :sigh:

i think one of my best friends ever is getting tired of me, in alot of ways

::stops giving random information::



Beth Farrar

December 04 2005
first off we need to do something to get the pressure off u for a bit amd secondly...i believe i know who u are talking about and they are NOT getting tired of u.

Rachael Robertson

December 15 2005
i love jackaaaaaaaaaaaaay


January 15 2006
i love you Jackie!!! muah!!!