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May 09 2008

Wow. Love screws up EVERYTHING. Sometimes I wish the sexes were separated just to straighten things out. I'm gonna throw some rules out here that are true of all relationships:


1. How it begins=How it ends

2. Deal with your problems with your feelings for other people privately. Or at least not in front of the people it deals with.


Experience tells me that these hold true. I'm so tired of drama that results from "love".


<For The Love Of The Game> 

Erin:: lub my flower.

May 09 2008
Lol. i like this.. this is true. if me & austin end how we began, it will be sad, though. :(


May 10 2008
I am confused about number 2 should you not talk about your feelings towards another person with that person?

Jacob Wuertz

May 12 2008
Only with that person. And possibly if you are in a relationship and it deals with another person than you would talk only to both.