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what i want to do with my life

December 17 2005
the questions never stop. first it was "where are you going to school?" (a question that caused my cringes for a year prior to graduation), then "what's your major". now it's "what are you gonna do with that?". give me a break, folks. my mom says it never stops. soon it'll be "you have a boyfriend?" (unfortunately, i've been getting that one for years too). then "are you ever gonna get married?" (like that needs to be pointed out...no, i dont have a boyfriend- wait, you didn't get my wedding invitiation though? please.) then "when are you gonna have a baby?" good grief.

there are so many things i want to do and i've been previously discouraged to kill myself in order to do everything i wanted.  upon returning from spain, i decided that while i'm young i just owe it to myself to kill myself in order to have the fun i want to have and do the things i want to do. i think that's totally acceptable and i plan to do such.  if i take my time, i'm going to end up a soccer mom who just can't take off and go backpacking through the alps like the von trapp family or take a day off to go base jumping in new zealand. the time is nigh, my friends.

i'm going to go sky diving, be on jeopardy, marry my best friend, hike the appalachain trail, live in europe, drive a saab, spend one hundred dollars on a meal just for the luxury of good food, own all 10 seasons of friends, drink margaritas everyday, base jump, hold an elected position, go ice skating in central park on christmas eve, be sworn in, meet matthew thiessen, smile involuntarily, write music, see saturday night live, kiss in the rain, have a nose ring, makeout with steve huffman atop the eiffle tower, drive a volvo station wagon, have an inside dog, and the list goes on... expect more.