December 31 2005

wow... i havent been on this thing forever but y not get ready to start off the new year and update?

happy new year everyone!!

worshiping Him in the pit-**kayla**

i m updating!! WHOA BABY!!

November 09 2005

hey guys. sry...long time no update.

all i can say is... GOD'S AMAZING!!!

till next time...

worshiping HIM in the pit-**kayla**

o yea... last week i met Hawk Nelson, and Clearview and this week i'm going to hang w/ SHOWBREAD!! amazing times!!!

what to do?

October 20 2005

hmm..i'm really bored. there's nothing really going on in my life except for God being amazing. and lots of babysitting jobs. alright. well i must be going. later kids!!

moshing 4 jesus-**kayla**


October 16 2005

wow. so friday, alyssa, and ben all went to wal-mart, the mall, and bowling. it was soo awesome. i mean come on..who slam dances in the middle of wal-mart or playing bowling... BEN, ALYSSA, and KAYLA do!! hahaha. it was sooo awesome.

then yesterday...youth worship team practice for 3 hrs. then amber's house and then k-mart. haha. then we went to my mom-mom and pop-pop's. it was pretty awesome. well now i'm outtie.

later kids.

i get to rock out w/ Thousand Foot Krutch, Hawk Nelson, and Dizmas tonight! i'm soo syched!

mOsHiNg 4 jEsUs-**kAyLa**


October 14 2005
ok. so today was interesting. it was about the most boring day in school ever. the pep rally was HORRIBLE! and homecoming was moved to tomorrow night. i was supposed to go to an El Toro and Salem Road concert tonight...but i guess that's not happening. haha.

tomorrow's a pretty busy day. i have a long worship team practice.

alright well i think i'm out for now. once i get this thing all together..i'll put more bands i like and stuff up here. later. God blessage.

mOsHiNg 4 jEsUs-**kAyLa**


October 13 2005
i have no idea what i'm doing. lol. just that i'm being really random and i'm bored and i'm doing this b/c dori told me to. hahaha. later skaters!

i'll have to update all my interests later..skating is def. the best thing ever.

mOsHiNg 4 jEsUs-**kAyLa**