August 28 2005
aight well im new 2 this thing so yea.... they need 2 make kewl layouts for this thang cuz white sux..

aight much love

Matt Beck

August 28 2005
Welcome to PhuseBox. So your from Sao Paulo, nice. I spent some time in Brazil last summer. Mostly in Vitoria but also Rio and Sau Paulo. Well I hope you like PhuseBox. We are getting ready to release the new version of the site. It's awesome, you will love it. If you have any suggestions let us know.

Hanna F.

August 29 2005
i remember you : ) i had gym with you last year. you entertained me and megan with the

Bill Morgan

April 22 2006
hmmm, haven't had any activity in 8 mos. Sorry to hear that. Life is good. Go with the flow ... I love Sao Paulo ... been there, done that, lost the t-shirt and a few other things