About Time

September 01 2005
In less than an hour I will be 18!! Hhhmm, I don't feel any different, its amazing how much will change in that one second.

Just thinking about that I will one day, lord willing, be an old man, it gives me a headache thinking of how much life will change. I think about life too much, how fragile it is, but also the magnitude of it, just how many people, how many situations, all the emotion we experience during our lives here on Earth.

I know its practically impossible in today's world, but I would like to do something like Peter Jennings did and walk across the entire country, just taking in the beauty of nature, and getting know different people. Ok, well I could go on all day, and probably take up this entire websites bandwidth if I got off into philosophy, so I'll just stop here.

lisa marie

September 02 2005
happppy birthday!

Matt Beck

September 02 2005

Christopher Horne

September 02 2005
happy birthday of course dude. I also think deep into the future, and it's just mind numbing. I prefer to live in the present. Anyways, tonight should be sweet dude. I'll catch you later.

l a u r e n b e a s l e y.

September 02 2005
eeeek! your legal.. uh oh.. watch out.

Amanda Coody

September 30 2005
happy bday

Rebekah Minor

October 16 2005
RONALD!!!! its rebekah...you better accept me as your friend!