Oh, yeah....

August 13 2005
Well, for once school is completely awesome, this is going to be the greatest year ever. My classes appear to all be easy, and I know everyone in them, and once I drop AP Statistics, I have nothing to worry about all year.

Aug. 19 is the first football game, and I was supposed to go to a church lock-in afterwards with my church and Belair, but I didn't buy a ticket soon enough. So I suppose I'll kick it with the usual crew.

Christopher Horne

August 13 2005
yeah, the schedule is shaping up to be rather awesome. and we will most definitely go to the home football games this year, and then of course chill afterwards. Maybe even invite Marky Marcus along? hahaha


August 22 2005
so, you have that darth vader voice changing mask. and, well, i want to put it on.

lisa marie

August 30 2005
i hope school is going well!