Well, I finally got pulled over

February 26 2006

So tonight me, asian ben, and adam are riding around...the
usual harmless cruise. We're right in front of hastings when this cop hits the blues, and
proceeds to blind me with his spotlight. I was on the left side of the road, so
I kept following ben and adam, took a left beside drink, and the cop was still
behind me. He hits the little blurp siren, so I end up stopped in bi-lo's
parking lot. He comes up to the window flashlight in hand, blinding me further,
ask for the usual. Then he starts bitching about how I should have pulled over
at hastings,
and as soon as I try to explain he of course cuts me short in cop fashion.
Anyways, this whole mess was all because he said I was following too close to
adam....that's right, someone I'm riding around with....of course we're going
to ride tight. So all that yelling and threatening of felonies because he
"was about to call in over the horn that he had a pursuit", all due
to the fact that I was driving to close to someone I know, not even very close
mind you. I didn't get a ticket because I have a spotless record and
everything...it just pisses me off the way that cop acted. Eh, what you going
to do, I'm pretty sure I'm already a bigger success in life than he is anyway.
Ya'll have a good night, and try not to do anything minor...because apparently
that's what gets you pulled over....

amanda burrell

March 01 2006
they have nothing better to do

Carol Nixon

March 20 2006
yeah cops suck......


April 15 2006
the cop was probly bored or something