I win

November 18 2005
This is now the site of Blackman High School's class of 2006 senior superlative for most attractive. Yes, that means I won, and no, I can't really explain it. I must send props out to mister Chris Horne who won most intellectual....congratulations sir.

Christopher Horne

November 18 2005
Congratulations to you too man. But if there's anything we can attribute our wins to, it's to being die-hard fans of Whitesnake.

lisa marie

November 19 2005
congratulations! thats pretty impressive!

Kyle Commander

November 19 2005
congratulations man...that's awesome


November 21 2005
well i didn't get to vote but i would have voted for you. congrats!!

Emilio Estevez

November 28 2005
Nice man...we definitely need to hang out with chris over christmas break...i mean if you dont mind using gas for that guzzlin beast you drive.

Emilio Estevez

December 05 2005
indeed...i have two copies of that Van Halen album on vinyl...i actually saw Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth when they came like two years ago...it really wasnt a bad show at all