something different

June 29 2005
maybe this will be different from xanga...xangas getting boring.
summer's pretty fun. i miss a lot of people from school though, it's still pretty sad to think i'll never see most of them again.

Nathan Moore

June 30 2005
Welcome to PhuseBox. Let me know if you run into any problems on the site.. it is still brand new.


July 02 2005
woord its mary... I almost changed my username to soccermom on here... haha good stuff

Mallory Gambill

July 10 2005
it'll be ok! i love you! just call me and we'll hang like NO OTHER. you know tha' digits. love you, mallory


July 29 2005
mary mary mary....i've always loved you

Erin Caudillo

July 29 2005
you are right, xanga is getting boring. this is a lot of fun. and yeah.. i like that quote too. my summer is going well. i hope yours is too.

Erin Caudillo

July 29 2005
oh and also i wanted to let you know, that i dont hate you or anything like that.

Virginia Moss

July 29 2005
that's a gorgeous dress in your picture. and it looks gorgeous on you. just a random comment. ♥