Jessica Jo


I want to be......

June 04 2007

I want to represent so many things. I want to be so many things. And I've noticed that as I am growing older who I want to be and what I want has changed drastically...especially the closer I get to God. I desire to be in His will more than anything else.  And my prayer has been for God to mold me into the characteristics that I desire to be. And slowly I can see the changes He has helped me to make.


I want to be godly, wise, slow to speak, committed, responsible, willing to sacrifice what I have to for the betterment of something else, kind, slow to anger, thankful in all circumstances, honorable, trustworthy, respectful, submissive, gracious, humble, a helper, virtuous, prepares for the future, mature, supportive, encouraging, faithful, pure in both mind and heart, patient, and obedient.



I think I have a lot of work...