Jessica Jo


Another 5 Random List

April 04 2007

1. I love to smile because if it is just the right person I feel like I am floating home on a cloud.

2. My favorite place in the entire world is in my backyard, wrapped up in a blanket, and staring at the stars.

3. My dad will always always always make sure he tells me "I love you" before I leave his sight or before we get off the phone.

4. Truthfully...I always wanted it to be you but was too scared to say it.

5. My life right now: confusing, stressful at times, emotional, times where I laugh so hard I cry, times where I act like a complete dork and not have a care in the world, and completely beautiful.

"There's something in your eyes
Makes me wanna lose my self,
Makes me wanna lose myself in your heart,
There's something in your voice
That makes my heart beat fast
Hope this feeling lasts
For the rest of my life"

Rebecca Jensen

April 04 2007
We have to talk girl