Regarding the last entry....

August 28 2005
No, I was not sad at all. Actually I could barely contain my laughter because my roommate was very upset. Is that bad? The funny thing is that the day before we thought that the frog was dying... but apparently the fish sacrificed his life... and now the frog is fine.

Today I visited The Four One One. I really liked it. And Jason liked it too.... although he didn't spare me the many complaints on how long it took to get there because the weekend G train is slow. But the awesome thing is that he actually went. So I will take all his complaining... it just means God is at work. And that is Amazing. I think Im going to go back there next week and then try and visit two other churches.... dont know. We will see. Please pray for Jason if he crosses your mind.

I got to tell my roommate about Jesus the other night. God is so good. She was SO interested. She doesn't really know anything about Him and her heart is very open. And she really wants to know all she can about it. I am so excited. GOD is so faithful. There are so many opportunities here to witness.... just pray that I will take advantage of every single one.

Also... if you think about it. Pray that if it is God's will, I will find a good Christian friend here on campus. It is so hard being without that support. But in a way I think God is teaching me how to stand on my own... well actually not on my own at all... But to rely on Him and stand in Him alone. But my legs are beginning to feel a bit wobbley. When I am weak, then He is strong. HE IS FAITHFUL!

I love you guys. I miss you! and Im praying for you.
I have my first SIX hour art class tomorrow from 9- 4. uuuuuuuhhhhhhh.