Please excuse me if i have a breakdown...

August 16 2005
I have this pit in my stomach.... which i think is fear and of course anticipation. The fear part all began this morning when my mom informed me that i cannot come home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas... I have to pick one. So obviously I am going to pick Christmas. But STILL. That is SEVENTEEN weeks away. Oh I love having no money. It is amazing.
So now... I think i'll go sit in a corner and cry. not really....
but maybe.................
I dont want to go to New York anymore.
Ok... YES I do.
I know that God is going to work it all out. It is just so weird.... not being with your family for Thanksgiving?
I am so frustrated.

Blake Haley

August 16 2005
You WILL be with them for thanksgiving...we will find a way. I had fun with you today!

Blake Haley

August 17 2005
I love your new picture...such beauty!


August 17 2005
wait... which one? i just changed it a few times in the last couple minutes.

Nathan Moore

August 19 2005
when is your ETA for NYC?