My New Roomie

July 10 2005
My new roommate called! Her name is Caitlyn and she is from Seattle... oooooh.... ahhhh....
She sounds very sweet. She isnt a Christian, but when I told her I was she sounded interested and said that she even "envies" people who "have religion." It was such a simple statement, but WOW! I cant wait to see what God is going to do in her life. It seems like he is already working and preparing her heart to hear about him. He is so good.
I also got to talk to Jason about Jesus tonight and I really believe that God is beginning to soften his heart.
It is so wonderful how God is always working and planting seeds and preparing the way even when we dont realize it. Sometimes its at the most unlikely time or in the most unlikely situation that he will give us the perfect way to share Him. He is so good. I cant say it enough.

Blake Haley

July 11 2005
I love it! God is good!