February 16 2006
you don't write any postcards on the road to self-discovery


February 16 2006
ello there: ) uhm im not sure i have heard your name beforfe though:)

Anthony Myers

March 09 2006
Peanut Butter RE: It would work perfectly fine, if cars got 110 miles to the pound of your conventional condensed peanut butter ( not that crappy sugarless kind) Likewise, it just sounds better, and its just a hypothosis so lay off. Seriously, sometimes.. OCD

Anthony Myers

March 10 2006
Liquify it.

Kelly Sullivan

March 12 2006
Wait... Who is your grandfather/which role does he play??

kelsey shearron

March 19 2006
hey..how yah been?..like that three 6 stuff huh?..ha..