Weekend starts now. ♥

July 22 2005
I haven't updated in so long.

Rofl, it feels liek it's Tuesday.

I stayed home all day today.
Ha, I'm such a bum.
Mostly chatting on AIM.

But I'm gunna take a shower, then probably
go &sleepover at someone's house.

.. The usual plan.

Only a week of work left.
Then probably off to six flags.

Pssh - hellz yah.

So I'll update another time.
Leave remarks, anyone & everyone.
Or if you have a xanga, visit mine.

Aqua ♥

June 30 2005
Phusebox is pretty nifty from what I saw
so far, not too many members though.

That's pretty sweet.

I'd lyke comments. =]
I need to fix my site up. Any suggestions
on what I can do would be fabulous.

My braces hurt. I just changed the
color from pink & silver to aqua yesterday
and also got a new wire.

They look effing rad as hell.