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July 25 2006

I cut off all my is as long as it was back when I was a freshman in high school..........

I haven't taken pics yet but will as soon as I get batteries for my camera

Me and my Job and the New developments

July 19 2006
So yea I have been working at New York Cafe now for 4 of when I go in tonight......well since I have begun working there I have worked most of the time by myself........I worked Monday from 11 till 8 of which i was by myself till 5......I worked yesterday from 5 till 11 which I was by myself the entire time......also all this driving is causing my shoulder and neck to cramp up making it really hard to sleep at night.......also I can't seem to figure this out but I thought there were about 5 or so people working there and I have only worked with one........where are other people that can yea I must say I love this job but it is about to kill me so I need to find some way of getting more deleveries or something so I can make more money each night.......anyways I am out I just thought I would put that out there.......peace

Me and My new Job

July 17 2006
So as of yesterday I started my new Job at New York Cafe......It is amazing at the time I am delevering although I don't know how long it will last since I am going to be losing my car here soon.......if I can make enough money to keep my rental then I think I will just extend it a bit longer then what I already did.....but yesterday in 5 hours I made like 50 some odd bucks......including tips......I am really enjoying it.......anyways I just thought I would give a little up date.......peace out bye bye

interesting night

July 10 2006

so tonight was in a single word interesting.....lets see I went to turning point and saw Cherry and after their practice it seemed like something was bothering I asked her what was going on which caused a fight and then when I went to leave I wrecked my car.......I was pulling out turned too far over corrected and hit a curb.......which sent me into another curb and blew my front driver's side tire bent the rim, put a crack in my windshield, and then when coming out of the grass tore up my oil pan which caused me to lose all the oil in my car......was getting my car towed by a friend of mine and he was going to lose his bumper if he kept it up so he left me on the side of the road and I waited till a tow truck showed up during which I called Cherry and she came back and took me back to my appartment where I am still sitting.....tomorrow my insurance company will call me to set me up with a rental car but I am pretty sure I am going to have to buy a new car which means I am not going to be able to afford going to Orlando......which really stinks......I am looking for a new job at the moment but all in all it should work out.......also thanks to the air bags I have burns on my arm which I have to go check out and get taken care this really sucks......but I have made a promise to Cherry tonight and it will be kept I hope she knows that........well I am out peace out much love.....I love you Cherry.....bye bye is my arm for a little visual to what the air bag did to me

All in all

July 05 2006
Alright so this past week my all in all.......the 4th was fun I went out to Tabby's father's house and blew things up got burned on my arm and well it looks alright considering it took out flesh when I got burned......what caused it was we were shooting off mortors and someone had the bright idea to put a mortor into a tube that it couldn't fit into......well it blew up mid-tube and sparks went everywhere.......I got caught on the wrist and was burned pretty foot is doing great finally.......I is healed up I am just waiting for the calouses to return so it won't hurt as much when I stand for long periods of time.....also I am completely moved into my new roommate is cool he has alot of stuff that is really amazing......he has a 15 inch HDTV and Polk suround sound speakers, an Xbox 360 placed in the living room and a recording studio in his room.....I am really glad to be out on my own finally.......well I am out peace out bye bye

Weirdest hour of my life

June 30 2006
Alright so this past hour was insane.....I have no idea what just happened either......see I have been sick since monday and since then it has become increasingly hard to breath eat and well basically go about living normally.....well just recently I was woken up by the fact that when my eyes were closed it felt like the world was spinning out of control....then if my eyes were open it felt like something was going to burst out of my stomach at any I have had a fever this past week and right when all this began it was gone, I had woken up to a cold sweat and no fever anymore.....anyways I think hey I probably just ate something bad and I need to get it out of my system so I go to the bathroom......I sit in there coughing for almost 30 mins.......coughing sneezing w/e just nothing to help is really happening......the feelings not going away and I am not puking.......anyways......I finally get the strength to leave the bath room and come back and lay down only to find I can't sleep and my fever is back......what a weird thing to happen.......I can't explain it......can anyone help with that one??


June 25 2006
Alright so I went out today with Turning Point to go out to Readyville and go swimming well I went with them and well would you guess I got hurt and not just kinda hurt hurt badly......I can't walk on my left foot without alot of pain.......what happened was there is a rope swing and I was about to go well to get up to it it is kinda steep and muddy so I had gotten mud all over my hands but I thought I had gotten it all off well I didn't I grabbed the handle (which was metal) and went to swing and my hands slipped right at the start and I hit a bunch of rocks......I thought I was ok at first cause I knew nothing was broken but then I went and sat down on a rock and looked at my feet well my right foot is bruised but will be fine in a few days my left foot on the other hand had almost a square inch. of skin taken off the Cherry swam over to help me back across the river cause thats where my stuff was and where they were going to have me sit and wait till we were all ready to leave or atleast me and Cherry were ready to leave.......but Cherry, Jenny Winter, and Scott (I think that's his name I am still learning everyone's names) started to help my across the river and Cherry and Scott got caught in the current and got stuck in some branchs well now it's just Jenny and its not working so well so I just start swimming myself......bad hurt sooooooo bad and since I learned and trained to swim faster I can't swim without my legs.....well I can but it takes alot more out of me........well I am trying to swim with just my arms and one leg not working I keep kicking my other leg......must say that had to have been one of the most painful experiences I have had......well I am going to try to get a pic of it and put up but till then peace out bye bye

ONE WEEK!!!!!!!

June 24 2006
As it stands at this very moment in exactly one week I move out of my house into Raider's Ridge appartments.........soo exciting


June 20 2006

This is kinda long but please read

Alright so this is a random update.....but it has come to my attention that many people on phusebox (espically my friends) live in Rutherford on that note I believe it is necessary to say this.......Come to the Haunted House I am working on for this coming up Halloween......if you don't come I will be sorely disappointed.......I am putting alot of time and effort into this and I am doing all the tech aspects of it.......I have been working on this for the past month and will be working on it till the day we open and will be working in it.......I will know who comes and who doesn't because I will be watching the Video cameras that will be set up throughout the haunted house and the one at the ticket booth for security I will know if you don't come..........on other notes I am becoming very close to a special someone and idk I really like her thats all with that that I need to say.......also I have been  working lately on taking care of my financial aid because I have to make sure I actually get the money I believe I am getting.......should be able to not have to work this next year if I don't want to......but will anyways......also I am having alot of trouble sleeping lately if you notice it is 3:20 am and I am up writing here because I have a connection on my computer and can't sleep once more.......I have yet to get to sleep before 3 this week or even since last is taking its toll.......well thats about it for me I move in a week from this Sat.  I am sooo party when I move in everyone I know is invited.......peace out bye bye


June 13 2006
So I am moving in like 2 weeks tops.....I am moving from my mom's house to Raider's Ridge.......the appartments are amazing no one has lived there yet and they are brand new.......I move in on July 1 and pay Aug. rent and don't pay again until Sep. 1st.....I will be living with 2 other people but I really don't care as long as I don't have to live at home anymore.......but yea I am moving out only took 18 years........peace out bye bye

Paid off

May 16 2006
So how about I just went in today to find out if I was getting the Lottery Scholarship next semester and ends up I am and I was supposed to get it last fall and spring......which they just told me about 2 hours ago that I will get all that money $4800 for those semesters direct deposited into my account which combined with the insurance check I am getting from hail damage with pay off my car and pay for my insurance for the next year.....which means all the cash I make this next year goes into savings to pay off next years insurance along with any repairs I might have to make which means I have just managed to being myself out of debt in the matter of about 30mins........I am really happy and really suprised at the same time.....Thank God for computer errors that keep me from spending money before I have the bills come in......Well in the next 3 days that money should make it into my account along with the insurance check in the next week or so......well I am off to celebrate the fact that I am now financially secure for like a month or 6 or something like that......oh yea I am meeting this girls parents on Sat.....pray her family doesn't try anything like handing me a bullet with my name on it......the gun being shown to me has scared me enough in the past I don't want the bullet one to happen.......peace out much love bye bye

Need advice please

May 08 2006
Alright so I need a bit of advice to pass on to a friend cause I honestly don't know what to do in this friend's dad is treating him like crap and he has a kid and decided to rent from his dad who is now kicking him out on the street......his dad doesn't seem to care that he is putting his first and only grandson out on the street along with his own son and daughter in law.......I mean I know what I would do in this situation but I also know it wouldn't be taken kindly and I might get taken to jail or something of that sort......but what would you do in this I really need some advice cause if I don't get any all I can do is tell my friend what I would do and expect him to do it since that is basically the only thing he has been given advice wise......please friend really needs the help and since I always look out for my friends I really need some help........please......peace out bye bye


May 06 2006
So now that school is over with for the semester guess work has decided to start putting me borderline overtime every week......isn't that great.......oh wait no it isn't cause I would like to have a life outside of work........although I need the cash its kinda bad cause I have already been getting worked too hard as it is cause they seem to keep schedualing me by myself doing all the cooking and prep without any help what so ever.......not to mention I really haven't gotten to sleep much lately......really tired I must say......but anyways I am off I will try to keep a little better update on my life......peace out hommies bye bye


May 04 2006
Alright so I am finally finished with all work that is for all of my classes....I did my project in english, turned in all my papers and journal, so basically all I have to do now is wait for grades to be posted......thank God for WebCT.....peace out

Fine Arts

April 29 2006
Well another year has gone by and this time I didn't compete.....I kinda wish I had but I really didn't have the money and am gettting futher and futher behind on my bills and unless I had managed to miraculously make 100 bucks appear and if I could do that I wouldn't be having money problems......but everything I saw was amazing I really miss acting as well as singing.....maybe I can convince them to let me be in the choir because my finances should be working out come June if not sooner......I pray sooner.....but all in all things went great I have to say I am sorry for those that didn't advance but I think from what I saw everyone preformed their hearts out......espically were amazing and if I had been a judge I would have given you a 38 or a 39 cause nothings perfect......but your solo was amazing and that says alot comeing from me since of course I have music flowing through my veins.....if only I could play an instrument.....anyways I am off peace out much of that stuff bye bye


April 25 2006
So my hangout closed last night and I am really sad......I already miss that place cause that was the meeting place of alot of cool people.......but I will move on and we will find somewhere else to go......although nothing will ever take The GRIND's spot in my heart.....but anyways the Grind auctioned off all the stuff last night and with 20 bucks in my pocket I managed to get alot......I grabbed 2 bar stools, a chair, a menu board, an end table that is white with really awsome paint splatter on it, a chess set, a clock, fire extinguisher signs, some other signs that hung up behind the bar, a desk, a STOP sign, and a flat grill.....I think all in all I walked away with atleast 50 to 60 bucks worth of stuff and I got it for 20.......but yea it saddens me.....although now that I have all that stuff all I need to do is get with some of the other people who bought stuff and go and reopen the GRIND somewhere else....although I don't know if we could call it The GRIND.......well I am off peace out bye bye

My 18th Birthday!!!

April 21 2006
So yea today is it....I am finally 18.......ha yes I am finally not considered a kid......although I never acted much like one anyways......but yea run down for plans on my b-day weekend.....first today I had to work then I am planning on going out with some people to hang out and junk or possibly going out to eat with my mom as stepdad.....tomorrow.....Encounter Spring Blast till 6 pm then going to an investigation at 7pm......Sunday.....finally going to get to go for church for the first time in almost a month if not longer then I am going out to eat with my dad stepmom and step siblings......after all that it should return to semi normallity unless people want me to have a party in which case it will have to wait a couple of weeks till I have enough time to take off from work and not have to worry about bills.....cause I am taking off this Sat. and Sun. so yea gunna be a kinda short check.....well I am off leave me some remarks cause its my birthday......peace out bye bye


April 20 2006
Alright so it is 4-20 and the day before my b-day.......I just gotta say......for all those out there that decided to commerate this sad day by smoking it away have lost the other events on this day........Remember Columbine......Pray for those that still feel the pain from that event......and remember those boys who in their lost state decided that the only way to end the taunting was to take the lives of their taunters.......If you want to truly do something productive on this day.......Say something nice to someone you usually don' a friend to someone in someone out instead of looking the other fact to put it bluntly do everything Christ wants us to exemplify

A freaking awsome night

April 19 2006
Well last night was freaking awsome......I had so much fun......Last night I went to see the LHS choirs and percussion ensemble was great......they did awsome and I truly loved Christian's jazz solo she did and the song Courtney did by Kelly Clarkson.......It was all amazing and made me wish 100 times over that I could have gotten to be in there with them again this year.....I guess thats the disadvantage of growing up.......But at one point the percussion ensemble was doing this salsa peice I think it was salsa at least but the choirliers were all dancing along the wall cause they were about to preform next......and Pat Hiles decided to grab me out of my chair and preceed to dance with me......I was really embarassed....I am sure like half the room caught it.......but it was fun......afterwards I was wanting to go out to eat with everyone and I found Pat first and he said they were going to Logans so I went with them.....come to find out more people ended up at Toots......but its cool I got to hang out with some good friends and this new guy I hadn't met before.......but all in all it was a freaking awsome night

What a big suprise

April 14 2006
well guess what......can't figure it out......well lets see ummm.......don't have a  chance with the girl I had been talking about and really don't have any prospects for the near you wouldn't guess how it happened......would you believe that another guy whom I thought was my friend goes and tells her that I am trying to get with another girl at the same time as I am trying to go out with her......yea people who know me best know I am not like that.....but w/e......yea ummm I just registered for classes this week I also changed my was very easy considering it is what I am basically planning my life around.....I mean you just go to the department you want to switch your major to and boom its done......I mean how much easier could it get?...they could make it where you can do it online but that would make it entirely too easy.....well I am working on Easter so I probably won't get to go to church so sorry everyone......I am working from 7 am till 3 pm and getting time and a half for roughly translates to 12 hours of pay for 8 hours of work......but yea i am off peace out much love bye bye