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October 07 2006

So I have recently found out that I am yet another mom knows now that she is 50% Puerto Rican, making me 25%....I have a way to get all the necessary documents to be classified as Puerto Rican but my mom doesn't want to do it because she doesn't want to meet her real parents.....should I get those papers though I would get a full scholarship to any college in the nation that I loans would be paid back, and I would get enough extra to pay for anything problem is the fact that my mom doesn't want to meet her parents.....but the way I see it I would like to know my heratige as well as know if there are any prominant health problems on my mom's side of the family so I can kinda know what to expect in the future......idk I guess its just a matter of knowing but not really knowing.....I have always taken pride in my ethenicity, and I would love to know the full extent of my heratige......idk I guess it feels like I might actually be able to find another grandfather or something too.....I mean alot of people grew up knowing there grandparents but since I found out my mom was addopted I couldn't look at my mom's adopted parents as my real grandparents.....don't take my wrong I loved them none the fact I wish every day that my mom's mom, or nanny as we called her, could still be alive today and see me in college, my nephew, and all that stuff that has happened in the past 5 and a half years......but anyways what do you think I should do.....should I keep pressing the issue with my mom?...or should I just drop it and let things be as they are?  I would really like some opinions on this if you would please......

o yea I also found out I am 1/8th black

Bill Morgan

October 08 2006
I think learning your heritage is a good thing. Clearly, your mother is concerned about this ... and a situation like this can be very traumatic ... all kinds of deep rooted, suppressed emotions can come out. You can talk to your mother about her meeting her parents ... and try to understand her fears and reluctance. Maybe by talking about it more she will open up ... however, be careful on pushing her on that ... especially if money is your motivation. Don't sell your mother's happiness for money.