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September 11 2006

Well its been a couple of days so I guess I am going to update......So anyways my former boss finally sold his restaurant and I am still working there......But the new guy doesn't know alot that goes on so I am training him at the same time as having to listen to what he tells me to do......its really weird.....I was given the job of hiring new people as well as some what managing the store....basically I have complete control over who is hired and who is fired except that I can't fire one guy cause he is a good friend of the now current owner......but in that postition I got my sister in law a job working answering phones and random cleaning and she liked the job to begin with....well come to find out he is giving her more to do then what was in the original job description and what he is having her do isn't anything she has experience...e.g. handling customer she is feeling really stressed and is about to quit.....which just looks so great considering she has only been there a week.......but I understand where she is coming my plan is to attempt to gain control over the store in a sense......I am going to ask my boss if he will allow me to start doing all the cooking with a couple of days off each week and beyond that basically handling the store beyond inventory and such.....and he can take care of that and not have to be there......then I can get my sister in law to keep her job and I will be getting paid better cause I will not take a pay cut to do more.....I average about 10 bucks an hour right now......and I would be taking care of customer complaints and such because I have had to deal with that while I worked with my last boss.......I think it is a good idea but I would like a little imput.....So what do you think should I go through with my plan or just let things fall as they fall??