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August 04 2006
So yea I have come to the conclusion that no one cares what is written here as long as it pertains to this pertains to everyone who reads it........I can't believe that a tribute to my late Great Grandmother goes unnoticed but I post about my hair gets 5 remarks......what the freaking all that you care about vain and worthless.......who gives a crap if I cut my hair or not.....its my hair why should you care.....are you people so concerned with looks that that is the only thing you care reading about.......I know I don't remark on alot of blogs that are put out that and that is because I don't have time.....I don't expect everyone in my friends list to post a remark everytime I feel like updating this little site.........but when I go through the 50 some new friend entrys and find that some people have posted blogs once every day or so then that slightly concerns me espically since nothing that appears to be said here really has much importance what so ever.......anyways no I didn't cut my hair......but then again why in the world should you care........I could make 50 heart filled post that I would like someone's opinion on and noone care......and then make a post about my hair or cutting my foot and get I think I am done for now but I really think you people should consider this

Rebecca Jensen

August 04 2006
It's sometimes hard for people to know what to say to a post like that... it seems too flippant to say "I'm sorry" over the internet it seems sort of impersonal... sometimes that's why posts taht have a lot of meaning go unnoticed... there were times I've posted and I was really feeling down and people looked at them and I think it made them too uncomfortable to post so they just try to skip over it... I understand that... but your friends know you and they want to comment if for no other reason than to let you know that they do come by your site... it's just easy to make a quick post about your hair, when it might not be so easy to say something sincere about someone that they don't know and risk sounding cheesy or too "aww that's too bad" instead of honest concern showing through. I'm not saying that people care about your hair more than you, just that it's easier for them to leave comments about something light.


August 06 2006
Yeah, so pretty much what I was going say..Rebecca covered. I know how it feels to lose a grandparent that happened to me earlier this year. I'm sorry that you feel that no one cares...Really, we do! Its just hard to express yourself when its something you really don't know how to deal with. Hope you'll forgive our lack of responses!