What's up!

June 13 2005
Hello Friends. I just got done watching the Jackson case resultes. I really though that he was guilty. I still think so. He's had some good albums but he's a weird one, haha. So what have you guys been up to in the lately. I'm in Louisivlle, KY. This is where I feel most at home, even though you guys are still back in Murfreesboro....
Let's see.... what can I say?... I saw star wars with cameron and was that your girlfriend? cause I don't think I've ever met her. She seemed nice though. I really liked the movie and am made that it has taken me this long to get into it, haha. I wanna watch them all and the go see the III one again. I also need to change my profile pic, lol. But I have been having trouble up loading it but maybe it will work on this comp.
My dog sugar is doing better I think. She is having surgery today on something that is lodged in her intestines. And her liver should repair itself on its own so I'm just hopeing for the best. Suger is 11 and I am 15 so we have been through alot together. Well...... I should be coming back on the 16th of July, just in time for Lauren, hehe, and then we leave for Texas on the 24th for about 2 weeks. So we have to deffinatly do something in that short span of time. Welp.... that's about all I have to say. Also chack my dana_the_best xanga site for any up dates on my boring life, lol. Bye guys!


June 13 2005
yea i'm thrilled// i'll be in your science and math class :/ hoep you have a good summer