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June 23 2006

Heyy!!!  Well, I guess that you know what that means... yup going with a bunch of friends.  Yeah, it's going to be really boring and everything...lol.  But anyways... I love doing things that make me feel special...

That's really all I have to say..
Love you guys always and forever plus a million years...

What you can do in a day...

June 20 2006
    Well, I know that it may seem weird, but you can do a lot in one day.  I don't really know how I can do all of this.
    I'm going bowling later today with some friends from school.  Yeah, I know... I know... I should have told people about it.  It's not like I didn't want you all to go; it's jsut that I didn't plan it.  It's kind of for band stuff.  Ya know, to get to know the people in your section.
    Anyways... My friend is coming over later like around 5:30 or some where close to that.  I had to clean up my room for her so she better have a great time over here... naaaaa just messin' around.  I had to clean my room anyways.
    I've got to vaccum my room before I leave to go bowling.  Yeah, I hate cleaning my room, but it has to be done.  Then, I have to put away all the clothes that are on my bed.  I know... I know... I shouldn't let my room get that messy but I did.  I promise to all the neat freaks that it won't happen again.
    Well, I guess that I will go for now, but before I go...
                           Qoute of the day
        "never let your sister go to the movies with you..."
    O.K. I'm going now...
Love you all even if you were pieces...

What a day...

June 19 2006
WOW!!!!  yesterday was sooooo amazing!!!!!  It was two months and he got me a rose.  I felt like an angel! I was sooooooooooo happy!  I can't really explain how I felt inside.  You just have to believe me.


June 16 2006
    Well if you haven't noticed I haven't been updating as much.  It's not because I don't want to it's because I've had so pretty bad stuff happen lately.
    My great grandmother, as most of you already know, pasted away.  She was ready to go and I knew she was.  I was planning on going to the drive-in movie on Monday night when we got a call saying that we had to go down for the visitation, so I didn't get to go to the movies.  I cried a lot but that was going to happen.  I was realy close to her.
    Then, I'm kind of sick over all that!  I haven't got my voice back fully from camp.  My head is all nasty!  Like, I have a headache all the time and my nose is running or it's stuffed up all the time.  Yeah, it totally stinks.  I'm going to go crazy if this doesn't clear up soon.
    Finally, my dad and my boyfriend are going camping with the Royal Rangers tonight and Saturday morning.  I think that it would be fun, but I don't know why my dad asked my boyfriend to go.  Well, he didn't ask him like, "Hey!  Do you want tol go camping with the Royal Rangers Friday and Saturday??"  No, it wasn't like that.  They were painting the church and Brantley said how much he loved to go camping (don't really know how they got on that subject).  Anyways, my dad said, "Well, if you love camping so much why don't you go with the Royal Rangers?"  Yeah, not the best thing to happen to me.  I know that my dad likes him and everything, but I don't think Brantley thinks that.
     Well, this is really all that's happened to me that I fell that I should put on here.  So, I'm going to go

~Love you all...

TOTALLY forgot something...

The Qoute of the Day
" Love me until the last petal falls..."

Nothing is wrong with life..

June 15 2006
Well, nothing is really going wrong in my life.  I just thought that my world was ending.  I think that my life is going GREAT right now.  I love it!!!  Everyone seems to be talking to me that needs to talk to me.  I have a boyfriend and he's amazing!!  I just love him to death!!!  Well anyways... I guess that I was a little under stress so yeah that might have been the problem.

Talk to you guys later...
Love you all,
~the amazed person~

What's wrong with life.....

June 02 2006
That's all I have to say...

Why can't I just let it go?

June 01 2006
No one seems to know what's going on right now in my family.  I guess that's why I don't update.  My great grandmother is dying and they aren't going to do anything about it.  I just need someone's shoulder to cry on...

When will it all end?

May 28 2006
Tell me, when will all this end?  I want to know.  I just can't take much more of it.  It's going to drive me crazy!!!!  I can't help but wonder why I try to make everything seem fun and exciting when all people try to do is pull you down.  I just don't know what I'm going to do.  I just don't know...



May 24 2006
I can't say that I haven't been doing anything because I have.  I have been doing EVERYTHING that I can and I don't know how I can do all of this.

I tried out for MYO ( Murfreesboro Youth Orchestra) and I made it with the power of God!!!!  It totally was Him.  I know it.  I didn't do very well in my try out so I know that it wasn't me who made it in by myself.  No, He helped.

Next, I had my Band Banquet and I cried.  I didn't think that it would be this hard to leave my middle school band directors.  I guess that I will have to go and see them all the time when I'm in high school.

Then, I had this meeting last night which lasted FOREVER!!!!!  It was sooooooooooooo  boring.  I really don't know how I sat there for that. 

Yes, my life is crazy and I don't know how I put up with it all but I do.  I guess that's about it for right now.
Love you guys...

P.S.  Qoute of the day
       "  don't tell me you love me unless it's true"


May 18 2006
Well, not really doing anything right now.  I'm waiting for us to leave for graduation.  It's really sad because most of my friends at the high school are leaving and I don't think they will come back to visit me.  It's O.K. though.

Qoute of the day
" Don't feel like you haven't done anything when you have the rest of your life infront of you"

Nothing seems to be going wrong right now.  The girl that was making fun of me stopped and that made me REALLY happy because it was going too far.  No, it won't happen again (I hope). 

Well, must be going now...

Why do I put up with this?

May 15 2006
So yeah I'm not really doing anything right now but sitting here on the computer.  I really haven't done a lot today but sit.

I guess that I will tell you all about my weekend.  On Saturday I went to Solo and Ensemble.  Came out to be that I got four 1's which is totally awesome!!!!  Then on Sunday I went to a friend's house to celebrate Mother's Day and stuff like that. 

I think that I'm going to start a qoute of the day thing and I'm going to start on this day.

"Qoute of the Day"
I hate it when you try to help but all they do is push you away...

Yeah that's really sad when it ends up like that.  I don't know how in the world I put up with this stuff!  I just don't know.  I guess it's God that helps me through all of it.  No, I know that God helps me through all of this.  If He didn't help me through it all I wouldn't be here on this Earth right now and that's a fact.

I don't know how to put everything into words anymore so just go through my mind if and when you need anything guys.

Love you all,
Your amazing friend,
"alive and well"  Daffodil~


May 11 2006
Ok not really anything going on today, but I did go out to eat with my family (which is like the craziest thing you will see in weeks).

I haven't been doing much at school lateley so yeah that means school's almost out!!!!  Yes!!  That makes me sooo happy except that I have to be a freshman and that's means back to the bottom of the food chain...oh well, that's Ok.

Today was crazy in band.  I almost passed out because I had a headache and still had to play which was really bad.  I didn't do very well today if you know that passing out during that class is deadly!!  But I still made it through the day so yeah that rocked I guess...

Love you all,


May 09 2006

Well, I guess that I did something today.  Ok Ok I guess that you got me I didn't do anything really.  My friends were mad at me though for not sitting with them at this pep rallt thing yesterday so yeah bummer.  Uuuhhh... that's pretty much all I did today.  Nothing else interesting to say but that I'm really bored right now.  g2g!  Bubi!


May 08 2006
Ok, I really didn't do anything today.  I went over to the high school for the pep rally and didn't see anyone I knew so it stunk really bad being over there.  I did get out of most of my classes for it though.

I haven't been doing anything lately like going out somewhere with people but I might go somewhere on Friday I don't really know.

I guess that I will go...


May 06 2006

Well... well... well... what happened to me today.  uuuhhh... I don't know really I did go to this cookout thing and saw all of my friends.  The only person that I didn't see was the one that I really wanted to see today. 

Yesterday I went to the youth cookout and saw Brantley (the one person I wanted to see.)  I played pool at the youth cookout and totally lost ever time.

I guess that I will go now.