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My b-day's tomorrow!!

July 12 2006
Yup... I guess that's why I'm in such a great mood.  I mean I'm not going to be 13 anymore.  Some of you know how much of a BIG deal that is.

Anyways... I need to know if you guys are coming to my party or not.  My mom is trying to get all of the food ready.  You know how much to get and everything like that.  Well, talk to me or email or something.

O.K. off of that subject.  Yes, my birthday is tomorrow.  I'm soooo excited!!!  I'm going out to eat for my b-day and going bowling too.  Yeah, it's gonna be fun. I don't know what else I'll be doing tomorrow.  I guess that I'll find out then...

Hmmm... I kind of need some help here... I need some advice.  I've seen him almost every single day since July 6th.  Do any of you think that we are seeing too much of each other???  I mean I'm not saying that I don't want to see him I just don't want people thinking that I'm obsessive over him (not saying any names).  I just need a little courage about it. 

Well, I guess that I'll go for now but I'll up date later...

                         Qoute of the day
       "Try not to get caught doing something stupid..."

Rebecca Jensen

July 12 2006
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Love you girl.

Brantley (Miles)

July 12 2006
HAPPY BIRTHDAY if you do not want to see me all you have to do is tell me and i will disappear for little while


July 13 2006
happy birthday girl!