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They left...

June 27 2006
Well, what can I say.  They left for camp yesterday.  I felt like I was being left behind.  I didn't like the feeling, but hey what can I do about it... NOTHING!!!!  AHHHHHHH  it makes me sooooooo mad.  I wish that I could've gone.  I don't even think that I can go next year.  Boo-Hoo!!!  O.K. I'm over that... I think.

Anyways... nothing else has really been going on.  We cleaned the house today and that's about it.  I have no life.  Really I don't...

The Qoute of the day...
"I hate being young!!!!!"

bazzwana payne

June 27 2006
was up i win cuz i was the first to comment so hahahahahaha