September 20 2005
Well lets see!!! um lifes going good!!! Im pretty much going out of town or to another job like every other day, so the work has been steady!!! Ive been to Huntsville and Memphis a few times and of course Florida!!! I actually think we are going to be going back down there soon!!!!!

I guess ive got a few B-days coming up soon so im thinking and "praying"real hard on what to get cause im the worst at buying presents and only God could help someone soooo bad!!!!!

Other than that im doing great
...oh, please keep my family in your prayers!!! They are looking for a place to live right now, and they are staying w/some friends that go to their church in Florida!!! long story but just keep them in your prayers!!!! Thanks -nate

Nathan Moore

October 19 2005
where are you mad updating skillz?