April 26 2006

   Hey yall!! wuz  up? man im tired. we had our rine arts rehershal- preformence 4 our church. it was great. everyone who reads this should listen 2 the song by casting crows called does any body hear her. it is an amazing song. well i g2g! love yall!!


Karus Bittner

April 27 2006
cami- I love ya


May 13 2006
someone needs to update..

TrEe HuGgEr

May 26 2006
hey cami

Becca Hicks

May 28 2006
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


June 14 2006
something tells me that you need to update. badly. <3 ALI

Emily Oberry

October 14 2006
Hey Cami---- you really need to update..... but i still love you


April 23 2007
wow...everyone said what I was about to say...UPDATE! then again, i shouldn't be talkin cuz i've been neglecting my phusebox since i got myspace. GOOD LUCK AT DISTRICTS!