April 22 2006

hey yall!! wuz up? I just got one of these so if you can tell me how to do anything like put music and stuff like that on i would appreciate it!!! love yall!!



April 22 2006
you can't put music on it..or as far as i know because ive never seen it done...lol* i love you bunches and i'll see you later ok? bye!

Karus Bittner

April 23 2006
hey babe..lol I love ya

Isaiah Jensen

April 24 2006
I found you...... when you find someone you want to be friends with on here you click the [add (username) as friend] link to add them to your friends llist

David Ambrose

April 24 2006
yeah, you can't put music on here. but i did request for nathan to do it and he said he has had alot of requests for it. and he has been looking in to adding that option on here. oh well, cool you have a phusebox now!!