Home again

July 16 2006
So I'm back home from another mission trip, and yet again everything seems unfamilar. Yes, this is my room....with all of my "stuff" yet it doesn't seem like I live here. I return home transfigured, changed, but how do I keep myself from changing back...molding back to this home of mine?

I had a blast with everyone at St. Paul's on our ReCreation trip and really didn't want to come home. I can speak for everyone who came on this trip that God's presence was felt in a truly mighty way. It's Sunday at 230pm, and I already want to shower(given) and then immediately pickup the phone and dial these kid's numbers to hang out. I'm really looking forward to spending time with them this week, and definitely the rest of the summer.

I hope all is going extremely well for everyone else. Hit me up if you want to hang. Peace


July 23 2006
thank you for one of the best experiences of my life!