RC Drift Action

March 28 2006
So I drove an RC Drift Car Sunday afternoon, and it pretty much made my day. I have so much going on constantly, and now I might be buying a house......and I have to wonder, "Am I ready to grow up?" It was so nice just to be a kid again, so once I get paid, I am heading down to the devilish corporation wal-mart is and buying one. (That's the only place I have found this particular one.)

I'm almost 21, yet I am STILL a Toys R Us kid...

Drift action here we come!

lisa marie

March 28 2006
a house?! i'd be too scared to ever live by myself. i hope you're getting house mates. lol be blessed - lisa


March 28 2006
when i read this, i thought you meant you were going to walmart to buy a house. silly ryan i thought to myself- they don't sell those there!