YA! Down to 2 cars....

March 05 2006
So everyone thinks I a total baller, and that I have 4 cars...Not true. I did however, have 2.5 cars for a while (yes do the math on that one...)

Today, I sold car No.2.....and finished paying off car No. 3

I completely forgot the feeling of satisfaction that you get when you drive home for the first time. The CRX was fun, but I didn't get that feeling.

Hatchback attack $%**&^ -If you haven't seen "Chronic of Narnia", click this link...I will wait.

As a note,I am very fortunate to live in this country, at this time, with this job, and this family to support me in everything I do(Hobbies, work, school, life.) -Trying to be humble here.

Peace guys

Jessica Jo

March 06 2006
It sounds like you are doing a good job at being humble. ;-) Congrats on paying off you car. Hope you have a good day.

Jessica Jo

March 06 2006


March 06 2006
yea lets go see a movie... what are you wanting to see?