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a little late.

July 21 2005
i meant to make this post yesteday but i didnt think about it until too late, but as of yesterday it had been 51 weeks. thats all. it seems like a whole lot longer. its amazing how much can change in less than a year. wow...

Jamie Smith

July 21 2005
Hey Im sorry I didnt make it bowling last night! But I hope yall had fun!

Crystal Smalley

July 21 2005
every day, i feel as if it were just yesterday. god i miss him chris. everything's so different than it was then. when you really think about it, nothing is the same. the only real thing left that i can see is you. i can't wait to get back.

Jamie Smith

July 26 2005
Yes we should since I havent seen you AGAIN for forever and a day!