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October 29 2005

i am no longer using phusebox..

<3 Chelsey

Matt Beck

October 29 2005
any particular reason?

Nathan Moore

October 30 2005
*PhuseBox Cries*

Abby Dee

October 30 2005
that makes me very, very sad. DOES IT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH MATT??? BECAUSE THAT'S SO LAME, DOOD!! =/ arg,


November 01 2005
haha chelsey! hey girl. How are you doin?


November 02 2005
I'm all right...just gettin through the week.


November 03 2005
boo I love Chelz! Not bad not bad! hey if you guys ever head up to sportscom lemme knoooow!!


November 08 2005
woow!!! hey.... this is sad :((( how someone can leav phusebox...... what is a reason ;)