December 14 2005

okay so i guess its time for an update...well not to much happening. monday absolutely nothing, tuesday i got my liscense!!! and i went to an open house thing for where i used to work and then i went with andy to target and wendys and then he showed me around murfreesboro because i didnt even know what half of the places were(kinda sad being that ive lived here all my life)then tonight church and then andy,weston, and elise came over and we watched madagascar and played the piano and looked under christmas trees and ya know just chilled....but yea so tmrw and friday i havce midterms and again on monday..so booh on that!but anyways...i guess i shall talk to you folks later!!love you all!!

Quote of the Day:"You have to have a heart as big as an elephant and skin as thick as a rhino"......so ive known that but today someone explained it to me and it hit me. so yea...

I JUST WISH I WAS THERE....^.^.^.^.^.^.


December 16 2005
shoot yea, i wish i was there too.


December 16 2005
see, a long time friend of mine, casey wallace, that i dont see much but she is only the love of my life and the prettiest girl you could would ever see that i have known since my baby years that we made a deal that if we both werent married when we turned 40 that we are destined for each other so i count down the days but it doesnt matter either way cause she never thought of me the same way i of her but hey its okay cause that doesnt matter she is far out of my league but thats okay to cause she knows how much i liked her in the past and its all good between us and i wouldnt have it any other way and so that is that and i dont know how to explain it any further. :}