June 07 2005
i love summer! its so much fun, however, i dont like wen i dont c all my friends from school for mor than 2 months! it makes me sad, i miss everyone sooo much!

Swimming is my fav. thing to do in the summer. i get to hang out w/ friends, and try to get a tan, even tho its impossible for me to get one! o well. any one who knows me, knows tha im white all year round, and its never gona change! but i like to try! haha

i always go on a mission trip in the summer w/ my church, i've been to colorado, brazil, im goin to texas this summer! there's one mor, i jus can't think of it! we also go to a camp called passport! it is the funnest thing i've ever dun in my life, u learn a lot and grow a lot closer to christ. u meet many new people from different states and u help people tha are in need. its awesome! its for a week, and u wont ever forget nething u do there. o and ther's a dance party (always a dif. theme), a rec. party (where u get down and dirty), and many mor fun things to do.
if u wana go to passport, email me, and ill send u the information!


June 07 2005
hey welcome lol can't wait tell florida with ya its goin 2 be great and so is mission trip. had fun when u came over love ya nat

Nathan Moore

June 07 2005
Welcome to PhuseBox! Let me know if you have any troubles with it!


June 08 2005
haha, ya florida is gona b awesome, as well as mission trip! luvu ~ chels