panama city beach

July 15 2005
after texas, we went to florida! and tha was so much fun, even tho every time we wud go out into the ocean, we wud b scared to death... b/c of the sharx! ahh! but luckily, God kept us safe, and ther wer no sharx. newho... um the place i stayed in w/ my family had a balcony tha was on the beach and was so beautiful (the beach). we went go karting twice and i've only driven a truck once in hodgenville... so driving a go kart was new but i got used to it very quickly. thank goodness i never crashed! we also went to shipwreck island and rode everything there is to ride! the free fall drop was reeli scary but duh, i lived... and its something i can def. see myself doin agin. wen we wer goin home me and my mom noticed a random scratch on our leg tha looked similar and we decided tha a sting ray had rubbed up against us b/c we had kno clue how we got them, thas sorta scary sometimes wen u dont kno how u got something, like a scratch.. makes u wonder!

i kno i kno another pointless story from me, o well... maybe if ur stupid enuf, u read it, but im sry i wasted a couple minutes of ur life!