January 28 2006

wow, nothing has reeli happened to me lately, except for last nite and ther was another stink bug in my purse, o ya i never sed nething bout the first one, did i? well it all started wen my parents wer goin somewhere for a convention or soemthing and so i had a house sitter, for me a my lil bro, and so her name is kayla btw, umm but the first morning she was there, we woke up and she went downstairs to take out my dog and she forgot to turn the alarm off so wen she came back in, it was goin off and she was panacking and she put in the wrong code so it kept goin off and then she ran upstairs to get me and by then, the actual alarm tha calls the police and tha people can hear from outside was goin off and i told her wat it was so she finally got it turned off but at 6 am, the police arrived, shining their flashlights thru our windows, and at first we didn't kno who it was but they rang our doorbell and we told them our story and it was all good but then i was about to go eat breakfast but i wanted to get soemthing out of my purse, and ther was a brown furry spider about half the size of a tarantual! and i thot it was fake, but it was reel! and i was freaking out! so i called my brother in and him being the brave 12 year old he is, smashed it w/ a shoe, well actually, he budged it a lil to c if it wud move, like to see if it was reel, and it started crawling so he smashed it on the tile, and thru it in the toilet and flushed it, so i was like wat kind of bug was that?!?! and he was like i dono but i think it was a stink bug! cuz it smells reeli bad, and our whole house smelled like a dead, rotten bug, it was gross, but luckily wen we came home, it didn't smell bad anymore, but i was terrified!

well last nite, (i hadn't used my purse for since tha incident) but i was cleaning my room and ther was my purse, and i was deciding whether to touch it or not, cuz ew i hate bugs/ spiders/ insects/ ew, but i was about to wen i saw another spider! omgosh, it looked just like the other one so i jumped back, and screamed for my dad who thot i was a sissy so he told me to get rid of it myself but i called for my mom and being the brave mother she is, took it into the bathroom and also flushed it down the toilet but this one was dead cuz it didn't move at all wen she emptied it at of my purse, which is weird, cuz it wasn't smooshed or anything, but anyways, thas my gross terrifying stories of spiders, EW!


February 07 2006
hmm way to show up with 3 minutes left in the game chelsea lol


February 09 2006
hah hah hah! at least i came for what i could come for!