so wow

January 04 2006
i havn't been on here in a while! winter break was amazing! i wish it wasn't over already, school stinx! i think im sick cuz i woke up this morning and i cudn't get out of bed and yes this cud just mean i'm tired but i was freezing cold too, and yes my fan was on but tha still dusn't mean nething, hmmm, i feel like ima faint, btw, im at school and it's so cool tha i can get on this thing here, hah! beat the system, neways, i'm dont w/ all my work and ther's absolutely nothing to do and i'm sooooooooo sore! last niet i had volleyball practice not to mention conditioning! ahhhh, conditioning for an hour then practice for two hours! thas crazy! it was from 7 to 10! maybe thas y im tired too but i'm also very hungry and i still hav a while until lunch since i'm only in first fricken period! omgosh! well i better go, cya.