October 20 2005

i reeli like this new phusebox thing, its reeli cool!

um well i went to homecoming not too long ago, and tha was a lot of fun, yep yep,

thas kellie, allison, chelsea f, & me!

school is reeli boring as usual BUT my last report card was all A's and one B, so tha was reeli good for me.

i'm so excited for Disciple Now, thas where each grade in our youth group goes to a diff. home and spends the nite, then we go to church and do bible studies and just fun stuff, and its for 3 days i think, on like Nov. 2 maybe, so im reeli looking forward to that. thas a good thing, and also w/ the youth we just recently went to a farm which was fun fun fun, ther was a bonfire and a haunted hay ride and a boat and go karts and it was just a lot of fun to hang out w/ everyone for like 6 hours, so ya it was reeli fun, but o o o , we wer playing this one game where ur family is in a hoola hoop and u run to a certain point and wen we stopped, my brother didn't, and he had on tennis shoes and i had on sandles, and so he "accidently" stubbed my big toe and the top half of tha nail chipped off and it was like a puddle of blood on my nail, and it was gross and it hurt reeli reeli bad, and i cried for a lil bit it hurt so bad, so tha was something bad, but its geting better now, so yep.alrite well i guess this is enuf for this blog, ill tlk mor in like a min. gotta go snack.

Matt Beck

October 20 2005
what's up chels, glad you like the new site... you need to get my sister to use it more, lol


October 20 2005
haha ya she never uses it, duz she? haha