Here we go

December 31 2005
Found out yesterday I have a convention to go to in early May.  My goal is to lose between 30 and 40 lbs by then.  I should be able to do that in 5 months.  I am currently around 270. 


December 29 2005
Yes, I missed this place.  And I frequently checked to see if it was back online and unfortunately today we moved offices so I missed the boat.  I wanted to be one of the first to blog again on here.

THANKS for getting it resolved.

Okay yeah I want to break free

December 10 2005
29 years of being afraid of venturing into the great unknown has me now (why just now?) starting to crawl out.

2006 is my year, to regain goals, vision and determination to make it in this world.

One of the things that has got me thinking was all those "I should have died" Discovery channel shows and other such things, when people are about to die, and for some reason (God's grace) they don't when they should have.

Or you have your shows of people with great adversity and handicaps that are so passionate in heart for life.  I am 29, entry level Middle Class and I think I have it bad?  People like them give me gumption to soar like they are.

First entry

December 06 2005
Have a couple blog sites, checking this out to see how it compares.