September 02 2005
Sometimes i get the feeling that I need to be more... well-rounded. So I go by spells where I exercise a lot, or where I read a lot, or try new things, or crochet, or cook. I never am able to do everything at once, but now that I am working in the library, I am definitely in a reading phase. Charles reads to me in the car to and from Knoxville. He is currently reading me a Dragonlance Chronicles book- the first in the series. On my own I am reading another fantasy book- Magic Kingdom for Sale. I barely got into the latest Harry Potter, but it is a definite must-read, so it will work its way more into prominance when I finish another book. But the other day at work, I didn't have any of my books with me, so I checked out "Lolita" by V.Nabokov. I love it. It is just soooo well written. And I don't normally read a lot, so it is rare for me to get excited about a book. I can't wait to see what happens. But the book DOES sort of freak me out, because the protagonist is sort of a vile person, and a lot of his amoralistic traits are similar to some people I know. A lot of the themes in the book are uncomfortably familiar, not from my own experiences, but they just make me suspect things in people I know. But in any case it is a very enjoyable read. Ok, time for bed. :)