August 30 2005
Had our first statistics class today. Hopefully Regression is easier than ANOVA. I am so lazy. :) It was like a little reunion though. Justin, Angelo, Courtland, and Laban are in class with me and Sir Charles. All we need is Bethany and Stayc *cries*. And Amelia, to say things that make us smile...
Bethany, we need to do lunch. Let's make it happen. :)
I am happy. Tomorrow is Charles's birthday and I am making a cake. Well, the cake is baked and cooling now. I am waiting to ice it before bed. Then tomorrow there shall be cake!!
Things in life are good. I get down sometimes, but not because of anything or anyone. More like I wish I were a better person. Thinner. Smarter. More organized. A better wife. A better Christian. A better person all around. But despite my dissatisfactions with my self, all is well in my own little world.
If only things were this good everywhere.

Bethany Bratcher

August 30 2005
Well, as much as I miss you guys, I am definitely not sad about not being in stats! Hope you make it through in one piece. I am sure you will. When is a good day to do lunch? Oh and you of all people (with your interest in body image) should not feel the need to be thinner. And you are very smart. I am sure you are organized and a wonderful wife! And there is no such thing as a better Christian-we are all sinners in the same regard, but life is definitely more enjoyable with God by your side instead of someplace in lala land. haha. that's me deep thought for the night. hope to see you soon.