Happy Halloween

October 31 2006

Happy Halloween, everyone! I was hoping to go to church today as it is my mom's birthday and I like to remember her, but the only service I can go to is a 7:30 service that said it was for the Hispanic community. So I don't think I'll go.

Yesterday I got to see Bethany, and that was a nice treat. And let me give some advice to anyone out there that wants to know: doing a thesis is a lot of time and work, and I don't recommend it.

Hope everyone that reads this has a safe and happy holiday.

Sarah Vermillion

October 31 2006
Thesis... Eeeew. Good luck with that.

Bethany Bratcher

October 31 2006
Sorry you couldn't go to church...that is sad :( I am glad I got to see you as well. Thesis is no good.