February 12 2006
This weekend I saw the infomercial for Winsor Pilates. I really want to buy those DVDs. I feel silly for wanting them, but I feel like being thin would make life so much richer. Does anyone feel like talking some sense into me, or should I go ahead and order?


February 12 2006
gurl, i hear u. those take forever to take effect. i did the billy bootcamp dvds and those worked wonders. i suppose if u really really want to u can. but b sure and make sure that u also eat the right foods or no matter how long u do pilates u won't notice much of a difference. and u don't need to order them, walmart and hastings have them. :)

Bethany Bratcher

February 12 2006
I so have the first one and you can borrow it!


February 14 2006
haha i dont work.. it was a valentines banquet for my church.. the youth group hosted it.. so we had to be servers..it was hard work.. i dont think i will every work in a restaurant now.. lol