help me if you can

October 15 2005

i have an itunes question. whenever i get onto to itunes music store i can't click on a specific song i want to listen to. it doesn't even show the individual songs, only the whole cd. so if anyone knows what to do to fix it...that would be GREAT. i updated it to the new version but it still didn't change anything. everyone have a blessed day and....JOSH AND STEPHANIE ARE MARRIED!!!!!!!


October 14 2005
i can't wait to fall in love! i am just so excited to know the love story that God is writing for me. so many times we settle for guys that aren't who God has in mind for us and if we only give Him a chance He can make it so much more beautiful then we could possibly imagine. but the one thing that He does ask for is patience. i am not the best at that but i am totally going on the fact that God is in control of my life and if i try to do things on my own, i just end up messing it up. God will always take care of us and be there for us. all we need to do is let go.

you may be asking yourself where all this came from. i went to go see elizabethtown tonight and it was amazing. its not really a "chick flick" like i thought it would be. but i would definatly recommend this movie.

well i am headed off to steph and josh's wedding tomarrow!! i am sooo excited for them. oohh man....

On The Road To Beautiful

October 11 2005
I crumble at Your kiss and grace
I'm a weakling in the dust
Teach me how to cling to You
With all my life and all my love

Father come to me, hold me up 'cause I can barely stand
My strength is gone and my breath is short, I can't reach out my hands
But my heart is set on a pilgrimage to heaven's own bright King
So in faltering or victory I will always sing

And on the road to beautiful
My seasons always change
But my life is spent on loving You
To know You in Your power and pain

You're my portion in this life
You're my strength now in my fight
And to You I pledge my heart
In the pain and in the dark I'll love You
I'll love You, I'll love You

I'll love You...

And my heart is set on a pilgrimage to heaven's own bright King
So in faltering or victory I will always sing

I love You
I love You
I love You

-charlie hall

i am in love with a man who can give me everything that i need and He loves me more then anything of this world. i can't live without Him.


October 04 2005
People spend so much time
every single day
runnin' 'round all over town
givin' their forever away
but no not me
I won't let my forever roam
and now I hope I can find
my forever a home
so give me your forever
please your forever
not a day less will do
from you -ben harper

i know i hadn't updated in awhile but God has totally broke my heart and remolded it into a heart that longs for Him in every since of the word. I can't even describe what is going on in my heart and the changes that I feel. all i can say is that its AMAZING! God is the love of my life and i only have come to realize that truely in the last couple of weeks. He has completed my heart with His love for me.....WOW!! i guess the word "peace" is coming to mind.


September 29 2005
I hate goodbyes... my best friend is gone for 6 months.

today so far...

September 16 2005
okay i was texting on my way to class and out of NO WHERE came this branch. it almost hit me in the head but i dodged it. so..i did the logical thing and kept walking like it never happened. that is really my day so far. nothing else to really report. i'll update if anything else happened.

michael buble's version of "you don't know me" is AMAZING!!!! i could marry him...well not really. but if he loved jesus then maybe..haha.

Just say you'll wait for me...

September 15 2005
"You don't even know what tomorrow will bring-what your life wil be! For you are a bit of smoke that appears for a little while, then vanishes. James 4:14

God totally slapped me in the face with that. We always plan our lives for tomorrow, but we forget about now. What we end up doing is not paying attention to now that we miss you on what God wants to show us today. What is He showing you today? Have you taken that moment to stop and ask God what He wants to reveal to you today?

Thanks so much for everyone who tried to make me feel better yesterday. I really appreciate it. It was just one of those days where nothing was wrong but nothing was right at the same time. But luckily it is tomorrow and not yesterday.

COLDPLAY in 4 more days!

8 more days...

September 10 2005
that is how many more days until coldplay!! i am beyond excited and i can't wait to go with my best friend lauren.

alot is happening and way too much to write it here. but i love you all and the Lord loves you more then you will ever know.

two masters....

September 06 2005
"No houseehold slave can be the slave of two masters, since either he will hate one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You can't be slaves to both God and money."

Luke 16:13

::you can insert whatever you struggle with in the part of money at the end. but that is so true. God should NEVER be second in our lives.::

"Hate the sin and love the sinner ."


::i think that is how God views us and how we should view other people and ourselves. we shouldn't hate the sinners because we all do that but hate the sin that is in our lives. the Lord is great and has showered us with grace that we don't even deserve. the Lord is flippin' awesome!::


September 03 2005
LOVE college and all the cool people that i've met. i have really appreciated everyone and how nice they all have been. ao was AMAZING wednesday night and i really got into the worship. i have been praying to find some good christian music that i like and the Lord has totally been providing. i went to the echosflow concert wed night and then on thurs. i went to see ryan horne.

i am gonna tell you what i don't like...i DON'T like hearing a dave matthews band song about what a pig bush is and how the believers just stand behind him and smile. i think as christians we get judged most of all. there are so many assumptions about us that are just not true. but i can say that the Lord didn't promise us EASY, he promised us GRACE. that is what i am doing this all for, for Him and Him alone.

went to hodge's house last night and i can say that is was a good time. met alot of new people and got to catch up with some people i hadn't talked to in awhile.

i hope EVERYONE has a WONDERFUL day and full of AMAZING suprises. haha.

first and second day of college.

August 30 2005
i think i am gonna like mtsu. its alot better then high school and i am able to hang out with my friends more. i started my job today in the records department and i love it. that is all i really have to say so catch you guys lata.

It's kinda funny.

August 24 2005
I think that it is kinda funny that Riverdale has to go to Ohio to play games because no one here will play them. when i was in charleston i went to this nursing home to visit with the residents there. well this guy named james overheard that i was from the big tn. he apparently played football in tullahoma and knew who riverdale was. i told him that we won the state championship this past year and you know what he said? He said,"yeah, because you cheated. you all are a bunch of cheaters." now how in the world does this blind old man all the way in charleston, south carolina tell me that riverdale is a bunch of cheaters. i thought that was funny.

tonight was fun at starbucks. i love my friends and how we can play on a certain situation for the longest time.good times.

more things that i like....

August 21 2005
1. trying new things with my girls, like sour slushies
2. taking pictures in a grocery cart at the movie theatre parking lot
3. guys stopping to ask us what we are doing with the shopping cart.
4. yelling at movies only to discover that they can't really hear us screaming at them
5. being mature enough to be imature(you girls know what i am talking about)
6. lauren yelling at boys as we drive by them and then getting embarressed when they speed up to talk to her

::tonight is what i needed. its been fun hanging out with just the girls and knowing that something crazy will probably happen, whenever all of us are together there is always something. when we were sitting at an intersection i looked over towards the corner and there was a stand down at the gas station. these two men were on their knees with their hands over their head while the cops had their guns pointed at them. it was like the show cops. rachael decides she wants a picture and that made it even more funny. but it was kinda scary at the same time. you just don't see that stuff in the boro. well i hope everyone had a great night too. off to buy my books tomarrow.::

I wanna be a rock star....

August 18 2005
Sometimes I think to myself how cool it would be if I could be in a band and totally rock out! I watch some of these bands and how into it they are. It would be awesome to be able to pour out all your emotions into a song and playing. They are so into it. But unfortunatly God didn't give me that talent. I admire those people though. It all depends on how you use it. They are very lucky.

Rather then religion, we need relationship.

August 16 2005
Here is something that I saw in my notes from a sermon that I heard this summer....

Gods plan wasn't to be housed in walls in a church. The power of the Lord is in us. Its wherever we walk!


August 14 2005
i really like to laugh. i know that is random but the best thing is to have a good laugh. You know those ones that you can hardly breath because you are laughing so hard. Those are awesome. okay that was it.

These are the things I like....

August 13 2005
1. doing doughnuts in the mtsu parking lot with lauren

2. finding a skirt for $8 at old navy

3. cherry slushies from sonic

4. saturdays, when it rains

5. laughing at lauren saying inappropriate things

all in all its good to be home, meet new people, and have new experiences. not too deep but that was what was on my mind.

me: did i ever tell you about stanley?
cam: he hot?
me: no, stanley is a turtle!!!

a new chapter

August 10 2005
::guys i am ready and excited. i am ready to start this new chapter in my life and excited to see what the Lord has in store for me. i was reminded tonight that we should just let go. let go of everything that we do to try to limit God. everytime we say,"I can't", that just makes us close off God even more. we meet so many people everyday and each time our lives are changed because we have a new person that has entered it. God brings people in our lives for a reason. He wants us to go out there and build relationships with all different kinds of people. i am reading the book of acts and i am amazed at the boldness that peter and john have. the Lord totally rewards them for their boldness and faith by allowing them to be a part of something bigger then them. sometimes i feel that we look at rewards as something materialistic or just something for our own benefit. what if God's reward for us is the pleasure of Him using us and being able to witness the countless ways God shows up in everyday life. the cool thing is that as christians we see that but the unbelievers don't because their eyes haven't been open to it. why wouldn't we want to share that? why wouldn't we want EVERYONE to see the things that we see and experience the beauty of the Lord? when i think about it i know that by not spreading the good news about what jesus has done for us we are being selfish. we are keeping something great for ourselves and that isn't what it is meant for. it's SO important to build relationships with those who don't see and allow God to use us in those relationships to open their eyes.::

This is the sweetest song....(it makes me cry)

August 08 2005
And the one step and he's sliding
And the two steps and she's gliding
3 and the 1 and the 2
And then they float in the air

Side to side and she shows him
Back and forth cause she knows him
Round and round again
All that see them can't help but stare

Cause everyone knows they're in love
Everyone knows they're in love
Yes and everyone knows they're in love
By the way they dance

Cheek to cheek cause he needs her
Hand in hand as he leads her
Face to face cause they know
They'll never dance alone

Cause everyone knows they're in love
Everyone knows they're in love
Yes and everyone knows they're in love
By the way they dance

By the way she moves in circles
Ever so sweetly she wins him completly
By the way he holds her so gracefully
The hand that he lends her is able and tender
Never a step to chance
Cause everyone knows they're in love
By the way they dance

Cause everyone knows they're in love
Everyone knows they're in love
Yes and everyone knows they're in love
By the way they dance

Cause everyone knows they're in love
Everyone knows they're in love
Yes and everyone knows they're in love
By the way they dance

tie dye t-shirts!!

August 07 2005
me, lauren, and amber are about to make tie dye tshirts. i am excited. we hung out all day long and it was awesome hanging out with my girls. we are gonna watch "the goonies" and that is my all time favorite movie!!!

"DATA: Pinchers of Peril. You guys...I've been saved by my Pinchers of Peril!"

me and lauren went to go see charlie and the chocolate factory and it was freaky. we got the lovers combo at the jackson heights theatre which was a little embarressing but then i got over it. haha

can't wait for this week because hopefully i will get my room all cleaned out and stuff. then me and lauren are gonna make an attempt to workout. we'll see about that.

"Cause it's you and me and all of the people
Nothing to do, nothing to lose
And it's you and me and all of the people and
I don't know why I can't keep my eyes off of you"

I am immortal till God is finished with me-no one can touch me

August 05 2005
i woke up this morning and my ipod all of a sudden worked so that was weird. I sat around the house doing absolutly nothing which was very foreign to me. It is the hardest thing when you have been going non stop all summer and then all of a sudden you are doing nothing. It's TORTURE!!!! Nothing much to report. I'm kinda tired but not the sleepy tired just worn out tired, which is weird because I haven't really been doing anything. Don't know how that happened.

Last night me, lauren, and matt drove around doing pretty much nothing. we went on rucker and turned onto this creepy road to try to find a "haunted house" but there was no luck. We decided to go run in a corn field but that was short lived also. So we went to wafflehouse. There was this guy in the Waffle House that looked exactly like Hagrid off of Harry Potter. It was weird. I wanted to ask for his autograph but I was too much of a chicken.

ipod troubles....

August 04 2005
okay if anyone can help me, i am having trouble with my ipod. i was listening to it in my car and i went to go change the song and all of a sudden it froze. The screen is still lit and the name of the song is still on there but I can't do anything to it. So if any of you guys know what to do then please help me. thanks

Home at last....

August 04 2005
well i've been home for a few days and already have had more adventures. Tuesday night me, lauren, megan and some of her friends decided to break in my new car and go to cool springs to eat. well i missed the exit somehow and we ended up in Nashville.

"Guys...I don't think Cool Springs is this far!"
"Oh my gosh!!! We are in Nashville!!"

haha good times.I've had fun just hanging out and catching up with my friends. Oh how I've missed them so!!!

I went to church on Wed. and it was really weird. It felt like I didn't belong there. It wasn't anything anybody did, it just felt really weird. God had done so much in my life this summer and I guess the rush was so high and then it is over. I want to just call my friends that I had this summer and see if they want to do something but they can't.

The Lord is breaking me so bad. I've never felt such love for Him then I have right now. He is amazing and I don't know what I would do without Him. He is my savior, redeemer and my best friend. I can feel something big coming for my life. God's hands are all over that plan and I wouldn't have it any other way. My life is nothing without Him. He is the only reason I am doing this, living this life to be pleasing in His eyes. I just want Him to be proud of me.

"For you I'd wait 'Til kingdom come
Until my days my days are done
Say you'll come and set me free
Just say you'll wait you'll wait for me"

Almost time to go home....

July 29 2005
well there are only a few more days of my time in Charleston. It is a bittersweet feeling because I am excited to get home but sad to leave my friends. I will be home monday evening. My good friend Natalie and her boyfriend are now engaged. He proposed to her tonight and it was so awesome.

well we found stanley. he was under my roomates things. it was crazy but we have to let him go before we leave. i will be very sad and might even get a little emotional.

well i will see everyone soon.

Stanley the Turtle

July 24 2005
I have a funny story...Tammy, Leigh Ann, and I were going to the mall the other day and we almost ran over this turtle. So we drove back to make sure it was out of the road and safe. We had this great idea that we should keep it as a pet. Well we had it in our apartment for like a day and this morning when I went to church I put the top back on but not all the way so he could breath. Well that seemed logical at the time but when we got back from church Stanley was gone!!! We haven't found him yet but we are scared he went off and is going to get stuck somewhere and die. I had grown rather fond of that turtle so I am praying we find him in time. This afternoon we had like 6 people in our apt. looking for this little turtle it was really funny.

Tomarrow I am doing construction work and me and ally get to work on a crack house in the inner city. That will be so much fun...I can't wait. Pray for opportunities and safety.

See all of you in a few days.